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Grants & Scholarship Awardees

888’s SWaM certified partner, Virtual Entertainment Partners (VEP), will be responsible for managing over $5,000,000 a year towards the development and execution of 888’s SWaM360 Playbook, 888’s statewide inclusion and opportunity program.


  •  VEP’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the administration of grants and scholarships and the procurements of services. Such services include, but not limited to, lobbying and grassroots marketing.


VEP will identify SWaM certified businesses that fit the needs and requirements of 888, contract with these businesses, and ensure these businesses remain viable partners as they participate in the delivery of 888’s long term revenue growth goals.


As 888’s equity partner, VEP will lead, manage and implement programs valued at $15,000,000 over the life of the three-year permit.

This will include identifying SWaM certified businesses that fit the needs and requirements of 888, contracting with these businesses, and ensuring these businesses deliver to 888 goals to ensure long term revenue growth.

Virtual Entertainment Partners will work collaboratively with 888 toward accomplishing a mutually shared goal of recruiting and hiring diverse employees for the company in Virginia. The partnership’s hiring strategy will place a heavy emphasis on providing job opportunities to minority and female employees while introducing them to the range of employment options available in the online gaming arena. VEP will assist potential minority hires through direct outreach and by removing barriers to entry for minority candidates.


VEP will ensure compliance with Virginia regulations and to ensure the continuous implementation of best practices to achieve measurable success beyond minimum requirements.


Virtual Entertainment Partners will be responsible for developing and managing 888 relationships with communities throughout Virginia with the goal of helping 888 engage with these communities to create greater opportunities for all involved.

Onsite and grassroots marketing is a great opportunity for people interested in the sports betting industry to gain experience. Therefore, when hiring these marketing specialists, VEP will work with 888 to find minority and female candidates interested in working in the sports industry.

888 commits to funding $50,000 in scholarships to rising, financially distressed, college seniors majoring in STEM, business or technology at HBCUs in Virginia.

Rules of Engagement

Commitment to Excellence

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